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With sufficient expertise in tax litigation, we can help you as follows: 

  • challenge the unwarranted acts of inspections and decisions of the additional accrual of tax authorities;
  • undertake the necessary consultations and develop the most advantageous scheme of business for the customer, tax accounting and taxation schemes;
  • initiate checks of an unjustified evasion of contractors from their  duties to pay taxes;
  • minimize tax payments for land, VAT and income tax;
  • support of clients during tax audits.

Our team

Stanislav Safronov

He specializes in bankruptcy law, corporate law, arbitration and civil litigation, contractual and property law.

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Dmitry Kravchenko

He specializes in cooperation with state and municipal authorities. He has experience as head of the municipal property management.

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Leonid Molchanov

He specializes in the areas of land law, legislation in the field of maritime security, maritime liens and mortgages of ships, civil law in the field of construction contracts, corporate law, and investment law.

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Anton Ivanov

He specializes in the following areas: legal support of real estate transactions; examination of title documents of counterparties; interaction with BTI (Technical Inventory Bureau) and Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

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