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Our law firm provides customer legal services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Advantages of legal services

 юридическое сопровождение деятельности организации There is no need to have a legal department or a lawyer on the staff of your company
 комплексное юридическое сопровождение Savings of the organization on wages, maintenance, taxes and fees
 юридическое сопровождение сделок Savings on training and professional development of lawyers
 юридическое сопровождение москва No problem with the selection of qualified lawyers
 юридическое сопровождение москва Help of upscale lawyers 24 hours a day
 юридическое сопровождение деятельности Knowledge and practical experience of lawyers in various legal matters
 юридические услуги сопровождение The customer service has no vacations, illnesses and breaks
 юридическое сопровождение договоров A contract for legal services defines the procedure, time, responsibility, etc.

Legal customer services

include all types of disputes, including arbitration, labor, corporate, contractual, insurance, tax, banking and other disputes. The services also cover tracking of transactions and contracts, civil disputes, organizational issues, personnel management (reception, transfer, dismissal of employees and so on), correspondence with debtors, partner organizations and government bodies, pre-trial settlement of disputes, representing clients in court, their full support, and many other issues.

The procedure of entry into a contract for legal services

 абонентское юридическое обслуживание We hold a prior consultation
 юридические услуги обслуживание We estimate the legal services direction needed for your business
 центр юридического обслуживания We determine the scope of services and terms of their execution
 абонентское юридическое обслуживание организаций We assign a personal lawyer to your organization
 дистанционное юридическое обслуживание We determine the responsibility of the parties under the contract
 стоимость абонентского юридического обслуживания We define the order and conditions of payment
 договор абонентского обслуживания We prepare a draft agreement of legal customer services
 комплексное юридическое обслуживание We send the draft agreement for your approval
 юридическое обслуживание компаний After signing the contract by both parties we proceed to the execution of our obligations

To make the price of customer service optimal for you, we only include the issues that you yourself deem necessary for your business. As a rule, the contract for legal customer services includes all of the legal issues relating to the activities of the organization.

The order of execution of the contract for legal services

  In the case of providing permanent services, we make out a monthly plan of work
  We send the plan for revision and approval
  When necessary, you send us an order for the provision of additional legal services
  Having considered the order, we agree with you the terms of its performance and make changes to the work plan
  While execution of the plan we send to you a report of fulfilled works

Here, the basic information is given for the provision of this service, you can always contact our company by phone and our lawyers will answer your possible questions in detail

Our team

Stanislav Safronov

He specializes in bankruptcy law, corporate law, arbitration and civil litigation, contractual and property law.

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Dmitry Kravchenko

He specializes in cooperation with state and municipal authorities. He has experience as head of the municipal property management.

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Leonid Molchanov

He specializes in the areas of land law, legislation in the field of maritime security, maritime liens and mortgages of ships, civil law in the field of construction contracts, corporate law, and investment law.

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Anton Ivanov

He specializes in the following areas: legal support of real estate transactions; examination of title documents of counterparties; interaction with BTI (Technical Inventory Bureau) and Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

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