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In our role as financial advisor, we will take overall responsibility for all aspects of the transaction, from preparation of the transaction to its successful conclusion. We provide conducting transactions in the scheduled time and with maximum benefit for the client.

The issues facing you today

  • You are considering the sale of your business;
  • You are considering attraction of equity fund through the sale of a minority stake in the business;
  • You want to enter the Russian market through the acquisition of business;
  • You are already present in the Russian market but decided to expand your presence through acquisition of companies in your market segment in order to accelerate growth;
  • You are planning a merger with another company;
  • You need to restructure your business by selling non-core assets or part of the business.

We offer

We can offer a full range of consultancy services in relation to the transaction. On the seller’s part, the list of services may include:

  • Advising on the pre-sale preparation, pre-sale business analysis;
  • Preliminary analysis of the cost;
  • Identification of possible buyers;
  • Contacting potential buyers to determine their interest in the transaction;
  • Presentation of business to selected customers, evaluation of bids, consultancy in choosing the best proposal for the continuation of the process of selling a business;
  • Support of the negotiation process, signing of agreements and finalizing the deal.

On the buyer's part, the services may include:

  • Identification of possible objects for purchase;
  • Evaluation of strategic correspondence of potential objects to your objectives;
  • Preliminary analysis of the cost;
  • Assessing the attractiveness of the business being sold;
  • Assistance in the preparation of offers;
  • Support of the negotiations process, signing of agreements and finalizing the deal.

Advantages of work with us

  • We have clear understanding of the key factors that attract Russian and foreign customers, and we know how to select the right acquisition targets;
  • We manage the entire process, from the preparation of the transaction to its successful conclusion. Thus, you will not have to divert resources from your day-to-day business;
  • We take an overall responsibility for the transaction, including the coordination of expert teams (tax, legal and financial experts) to ensure compliance with the scheduled dates;
  • We will help you to select the optimal buyers or sellers and choose the best possible strategy for the negotiations, including the resolution of critical issues and the deadlock in the negotiations;
  • Our purpose is to carry out the transaction with the maximum benefit for you, both in terms of purchase price and the transaction structure.

Our team

Stanislav Safronov

He specializes in bankruptcy law, corporate law, arbitration and civil litigation, contractual and property law.

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Dmitry Kravchenko

He specializes in cooperation with state and municipal authorities. He has experience as head of the municipal property management.

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Leonid Molchanov

He specializes in the areas of land law, legislation in the field of maritime security, maritime liens and mortgages of ships, civil law in the field of construction contracts, corporate law, and investment law.

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Anton Ivanov

He specializes in the following areas: legal support of real estate transactions; examination of title documents of counterparties; interaction with BTI (Technical Inventory Bureau) and Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

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