Representation in court

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Our lawyers have extensive experience of representation in court. We represent the interests of citizens in court, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Representation in court

 представитель в суде As a representative of the plaintiff
 услуги представителя в суде As a representative of the defendant (co-respondent)
 представитель ответчика в суде As a representative of a third party
 законный представитель в суде As a representative of the person concerned

The advantage of representing the interests by a lawyer in court

 юридические услуги представительство в суде Knowledge of the necessary legislative framework
 услуги юриста в суде Command of the procedural dispute resolution
 юрист в суд москвы Knowledge of judicial practice and opportunities for its use
 представительство в суде юрист Availability of working hours for court proceedings (including full-time)
 ведение дел в суде Attendance at all, without exception, scheduled court sessions
 ведение дел в суде москва Personal work with bailiffs in enforcement proceedings
 защита в суде Representation and legal costs shall be reimbursed by the faulty party

At a resolution of the dispute with our lawyer you will not need to study large volumes of legislative, procedural and judicial information, spend time visiting courts and do other paperwork. In turn, if desired and in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Civil Procedure and the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, you will be able to take part in a trial with a lawyer. If you for any reason wish to represent your interests in court without a trial lawyer, we would recommend that you contact our company for advice on representation in court.

Legal defense: probable questions

 защита прав в суде How to make a claim correctly
 защита в суде What jurisdiction does the litigation have
 защита интересов в суде Which court will the claim be filed to
 защита граждан в суде When, whom and how to notify correctly
 юридическая защита в суде How and in what form to submit documents and evidence
 обращение в суд за защитой How to behave in court
 защита в суде гражданские дела How to obtain and quickly execute a judgment
 по защите в суде And many other questions ...

 The procedure for services of representation in court

 юрист в суд We hold a prior consultation
 практика в суде юриста We analyze available documents on the case
 услуги юриста в суде We study the scope of the problem, propose solutions and anticipate risks and results
 помощь юриста в суде We determine the scope of services and time for their execution
  We define the order and conditions of payment
  We prepare a draft contract for the provision of legal services
  We coordinate the draft agreement
  We sign the contract and begin to fulfill our obligations
  With regular intervals we inform about the real state of your problem
  We provide all the necessary procedural steps from filing a lawsuit to obtaining a writ of execution
  We arrange execution procedures

We will perform, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, all the necessary procedural steps to ensure that your case is completed in your favor. Of course, we can not say that all cases without exception are resolved to the benefit of our customers, but we can responsibly say that our staff will put all their knowledge and organizational skills in order that the matter is resolved in your favor and minimize losses in a losing situation as much as possible.

Our team

Stanislav Safronov

He specializes in bankruptcy law, corporate law, arbitration and civil litigation, contractual and property law.

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Dmitry Kravchenko

He specializes in cooperation with state and municipal authorities. He has experience as head of the municipal property management.

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Leonid Molchanov

He specializes in the areas of land law, legislation in the field of maritime security, maritime liens and mortgages of ships, civil law in the field of construction contracts, corporate law, and investment law.

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Anton Ivanov

He specializes in the following areas: legal support of real estate transactions; examination of title documents of counterparties; interaction with BTI (Technical Inventory Bureau) and Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

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